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The Inner Winner Show

Want to have 3somes, learn BDSM, and build an elite sex life? Hell yeah! Join Andy & Imogen on a 365-day-challenge to help you build the best life you possibly can and bring out your inner winner, from someone who was suicidal, obese, and turned it all around. You'll learn killer self-improvement advice, how to get dates, improve your sex life, build strong relationships, start your own business & get into content creation, improve your mental health and explore a little philosophy along the way. If I can do it, you sure as hell can too.
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Men Need to Be Honest, Women Need to Leave Shit Relationships (Affection – Jess Day)

Why honesty and just saying what you want like a fucking adult leads to less drama – and why you're a total dipshit if you stay in a bad relationship & act like a victim. Listen to the song (Affection by Jess Day): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tgInq22i9Q Honesty is An Ideal You...

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Normalise Getting Laid by Having Friends who do it too

Make this whole process easier on yourself by not being Mr Lone Wolf. How to Make Friends (including on Bumble): https://killyourinnerloser.com/surround-yourself-with-good-people/ Read the BEST Tinder guide on the internet: https://killyourinnerloser.com/tinder-guide-sfw Want COACHING with me, legendary results and an elite dating/sex life? I offer group coaching, and more hardcore 1-on-1...

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness? (Yes it Can)

Why money absolutely can buy you happiness – IF you spend it on the right things. What are the right things? Listen to the episode to find out. Coaching with me: https://killyourinnerloser.com/coaching-sfw/ 

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Imogen and I recently started seeing a total cutie who's an absolute she-demon in bed. Here's how our first rendezvous went. Read my epic 5-part Get Laid on Tinder series (it's free): https://killyourinnerloser.com/tinder-guide-sfw Want COACHING with me, legendary results and an elite dating/sex life? I offer group coaching, and...

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Can REGULAR Guys Have a 3some?

Or, “Why you're a fucking coward pussy bitch if you want a 3some but aren't currently making it happen”. Read my epic 5-part Get Laid on Tinder series (it's free): https://killyourinnerloser.com/tinder-guide-sfw Want COACHING with me, legendary results and an elite dating/sex life? I offer group coaching, and more hardcore...

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Life-coach, blogger, powerlifter & all-round cool guy (I did not write this myself (ok maybe I did)).

My girlfriend joins me to talk love, relationships, sex and self-improvement.

The very definition of “just shut up and do the work”, David is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to money, business and mentoring others.

Canadian, “buff slut” and all-round nice dude Tristan talks fitness, YouTube and helping others.