Day 1 of 365: Andy kicks off The Inner Winner Show with special guest – his girlfriend Imogen. With no real plan in mind, will our two eccentric hosts pull it off?



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Speaker 1: 0:01

He always just like talks before he’s ready to go. So we’re going to do an intro on that. Over the injury. You scratching your fucking hands everywhere. Yeah. Would that be a good sense? Yeah, that’s been great intro to our podcast. Yeah. And I, on a secret that I already push through Cola, like 10 seconds ago, bitch. Welcome to the podcast n****s. I’m your host n****r. Andy. Pretty appreciate you. Can’t say that word on there. No, you’re getting in a lot of trouble. Yeah. And with me is my cute girlfriend imaging. Hi. Hi, welcome podcast. Number one. Do we even have a title for this podcast?Speaker 2: 0:39

Did you decide what was going to be yet? It’s going to be theSpeaker 1: 0:42

How to kill your inner loser. Cause podcasts, podcasts. Cause we couldn’t think of a podcast name. Yeah. And this is going to be shit. We’re going to be nervous. Might not be up to hear nature. Maybe we’re sitting out in nature in the most beautiful backout have ever seen in my entire life next to the shitty like pond with like Brown water. But like, it looks good in theory. So yeah. Do you want to give an intro to yourself? Should I just throw you on the deep end and say, tell us all about yourself? Yeah. You say hi, I’m Andy. His girlfriend. I am Andy’s girlfriend. Yeah. You gotta taught loud. I loveSpeaker 2: 1:24

Duck ladder. Yes. Okay. Is that better? Probably. I go and introduce myself.Speaker 1: 1:30

Yeah. Come on. Don’t be nervous.Speaker 2: 1:33

That’s a, we don’t actually have to talk about myself.Speaker 1: 1:35

Yeah, because you hate talking about yourself. Isn’t that what you had to do when you first met my dad? Yes. I mean, he’s like sell yourself to me. Tell me about yourself in three minutes. Go tell me your life story. You probably just said some shit.Speaker 2: 1:52

Yeah. I mean, I talked about me being a swimming instructor and that’s not the case anymore.Speaker 1: 1:56

Look towards the microphone lady when you talk. Yeah. Good job. Alright. Tell the story of how we,Speaker 2: 2:05

Mmm Hmm.Speaker 1: 2:09

Tell the same story you told my dad. Didn’t my dad ask or did my mom how’d you guys meet? I just said we went online on Tinder. Yeah. And they asked why it’s called Tinder and it’s cause it’s like, cause people want to fuck fire lighting a fucking fuck for a relationship.Speaker 2: 2:28

No, I didn’t tell them that story that might have told themSpeaker 1: 2:30

True story. The true story of how you thought I was going to be a serial killer,Speaker 2: 2:34

But I kind of went in there into the Tinder experience with the hesitation that everyone might be a serial killer. I always used to like text my friends, like where I was going roughly and like send them a picture. So if I have went missing that, I don’t know. That could be followed up to some extent.Speaker 1: 2:52

How the fuck are they even going to help?Speaker 2: 2:54

I dunno. I’m like, if you don’t hear from me in like multiple days then might want to look into thatSpeaker 1: 3:00

Sort of thing.Speaker 2: 3:03

No, you pinky promise that you wouldn’t kill me.Speaker 1: 3:05

So I’m pretty sure I did. Pinky promising. Yeah.Speaker 2: 3:08

Not actually physically pinky promised, but,Speaker 1: 3:10

And then what happened when we met, did someone get lost? I don’t think really fucking badly to the point where I was like, I’m actually gonna just fucking leave. Cause this bitch is like pissing me off. That was like, you were like 45 minutes late. I don’t even know why I waited that long. I never wait that long for anything. I’m just like, no I’m done. I was coming back from train. Cause you kept texting me the whole time. So you’re like, no, I’m almost there. I promise I was like a sunk cost fallacy. So I wasn’t going to go ahead. But I was seriously walking home, you know, I was walking like I was walking down, um, Lawnsdale street. I was like literally walking home.Speaker 2: 3:43

You met me. So that was good luck. No. What happened when we met? I was wearing you, right?Speaker 1: 3:47

Oh you and your radically Jen. Very drunk. Yeah. You’re super drunk. And I gave you a nickname didn’t I? Yeah, it was Woody Allen. Woody fucking Allen. Cause you were so goddamn neurotic like Woody Allen. Hmm. Hmm.Speaker 2: 4:01

I do also recall that cleaning on June.Speaker 1: 4:03

Yeah. You were like super clingy. You like came home. Remember you came home. We had sex and they remember, you said like, I need to clean your up. You’re like, should I clean your pot?Speaker 2: 4:13

Yeah. I said I wanted to do something. Cause I felt likeSpeaker 1: 4:16

You were like, I have to clean your apartment. CauseSpeaker 2: 4:20

Um, and like the actual, like physical process of like doing, like doing something like being physically like mobile would have done.Speaker 1: 4:28

You’re saying that you said you’ve been so nice to should clean your apartment. I didn’t say you should clean your apartment. You said, would you like me to clean your apartment? That’s the same thing.Speaker 2: 4:37

I think you offered. I said, what can I, is there something I can do for you? And then you offered me somethingSpeaker 1: 4:41

That should be the baseline for like every guy. Right? Any guys listening to this, like don’t date or have sex with any woman who won’t clean your apartment, like fuck her. She’s nothing. If she wouldn’t clean your apartment, you can literallySpeaker 2: 4:55

Do you intend to have casual sex with or clean your apartment?Speaker 1: 4:57

Absolutely. A hundred percent. That has to be a baseline.Speaker 2: 4:59

That’s a pretty high baseline, I think.Speaker 1: 5:03

Should we talk about, I actually don’t know what we should talk about. This is going to be a good podcast.Speaker 2: 5:10

Lots of pausing and me laughing and yelling.Speaker 1: 5:12

I can edit those out. Like I’m not going to be bothered. I really am not gonna, yeah. Nature’s pretty high.Speaker 2: 5:23

Yeah, it is. I like it. What else is on your list of things that we should talk about? Your goals? My goalsSpeaker 1: 5:29

While you’re working on what you have achieved?Speaker 2: 5:31

I have achieved, I dunno. It was like a very long time. I mean, I do know it was like a list ofSpeaker 1: 5:36

Like, I have an article that will have for it and it’s got like 30 freaking things in it.Speaker 2: 5:39

Yeah. Or it just feels like, um, it was a very long time since I was the neurotic drunk andSpeaker 1: 5:48

Yeah. But that’s what happens with self-improvement like every year, that’s why that’s like where my name comes from. Like kill your inner Luiza. It’s like every year the old you dies, you can’t remember the old one. I can’t remember ever being that fucking incompetent. Like I can’t believe that there was ever a time where I couldn’t get laid. Like that’s just a weird concept to me like, Oh, I didn’t know the process of it. I didn’t know. It was even possible. I was like, can you have sex? I had that whole concept of guys. Just get lucky. You just get lucky. So you just keep trying. And eventually, I mean, technically that’s true, but like numbers game have to be playing the numbers game. I just wasn’t playing the numbers game and was hoping that I would get lucky. You have these like Disney fairytale notions of like one day. Some woman will like want to give me a blow job for no reason other than I exist, even though I’m fat and depressed and shitty. Let’s talk about your art. Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. Let’s talk about your art business.Speaker 2: 6:48

Yeah, you’re right in saying that like prior to this, but talking about myself makes me rather uncomfortable.Speaker 1: 6:54

I’ve said that a million times. Yeah. So let’s talk about,Speaker 2: 6:58

About my art. Um,Speaker 1: 7:00

You set up an art business. Okay.Speaker 2: 7:02

Did it feels very premature to call it a business, butSpeaker 1: 7:04

It’s a business. As soon as you earn $1, even how many dollars so far in, let’s say two months, two months.Speaker 2: 7:14

Not including stuff that I’ve done for you. Probably couple of hundred bucks.Speaker 1: 7:21

Oh, that sounds like a business to me. I’m pretty sure that counts as business, but we’ll call it a side hustle. Is that better? I don’t call it a side hustle. Yeah. When do we, what’s the definition of a business?Speaker 2: 7:32

Um, I dunno, like it has to be a certain percentage of my income. What is that percentage? Like 30, like 33.Speaker 1: 7:45

That’s incredibly high and incredibly arbitrary. Arbitrary. Yeah. Okay. I disagree with that definition. Do you have a better arbitrary number? Yeah, 1%.Speaker 2: 7:56

1%.Speaker 1: 7:59

Yeah. I actually have a list of questions so I should have don’t interrupt the host the fuck is this, this isn’t a democracy. This is my podcast. And you’re just allowed on my podcast. Actually. I don’t know the format. I don’t know if we’re going to be on if I’m going to have you on most of them. Um, one of the guys who told me to set up this podcast, a great gentlemen from grace by the name she, Hey, you shut up by the name of crisis overcomer. I’m that Greek guy that told you about. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s good, dude. He was one of the ones who told me to do this as long as well as radical and another guy called Adam Hill. I don’t think Adam Hill will listen to this radical definitely will. Hello, radical. Um, they all read a bunch of questions and they read them so long ago.Speaker 1: 8:47

Cause it was like six months ago that people told me to do this. Um, so I write them all down. Cause they wanted me to ask you random questions. Some of these questions, some of these questions is so cute. Cause it okay to be fair. This was like before they knew that like you read everything on my website and shit. So like the first question is like, what do you think of my forums? And, and the good looking loser forums. Good-looking loser. If you don’t know is another website for other people for like, self-empowerment, I’m not telling you that you know that, but I’m telling anyone else listening. Um, it’s pretty similar to my forearms. So what do you think of the good looking loser forums and my forums? What do I think of them? That’s a very good question. What a shit, but to be fair, these people don’t know any better. Like that’s a little bit that answered the question. What do I think of them? I think it’s, it’s nice.Speaker 2: 9:38

I mean, I remember you telling me like how you actually came across it. Like you were looking for a very masculine sort ofSpeaker 1: 9:45

Yeah. Like deliberately trying to find mass. Like I literally looked for masculine self-improvement stuff like that. Ask my mom. I told you that, that I asked my mom and my dad. Hm.Speaker 2: 9:55

Yeah. And so I think it, I think it’s a very good environment to provide that, given that it’s going to be far less, I guess, Pacey than pretty much any other place you’re going to go to. I mean, from what you’ve told me, it seemsSpeaker 1: 10:09

We were supposed to stop talking every time the car comes past where we’re recording this right next to a road and every time a car goes past, we said we were going to stop talking so I could edit it out. But that one might just have you guys are gonna have to put up with the fucking car noise. Yeah. Keep going.Speaker 2: 10:25

Um, yeah, I think it was so it’s a good environment that actually like provides that sort of support in that respect without the kind of, I guess moderation of like massSpeaker 1: 10:39

Yeah.Speaker 2: 10:40

Media like Reddit and things like that.Speaker 1: 10:42

I think that’s one of the benefits of like a masculine environment in general. You just don’t get that like PC bullshit. I mean, okay. To be fair, you get that in like quite a lot of masculine environments, but if you just have like a purely masculine place, you kind of, can’t be like super PC cause everyone to call you a faggot. And then if you say like, Oh, but like faggot’s not PC. It’s like, mate, you’re just going to get out. You’re going to get kicked out of that environment if you like, try and bring some PC shit. Cause I think guys just tired of that. I think they always have been. I think it’s just a very big part of masculinity is like stop telling me what to do, stop telling me what to say. Like there’s a time and a place for feminine energy and all that sort of stuff in mainstream energy.Speaker 1: 11:24

But I think especially in the current year where we are right now, there’s a death. Is that the right word? Death? There’s a dearth of like places that men can go and just be men because women have a million of those places. Like even when I was trying, when I was first trying to find all the like places that I could go to find male friends, when I went on like meetup, there was like 500 groups that have just for women and literally says only women can go. Yeah. And then I only felt like three for men in my city, in Melbourne with like five point something, million people, it was like three groups. Yeah. And I told you, one of the groups was like pathetic. It was like, they literally said like we all meet up and we basically express our emotions and like, you know, you’re allowed to cry and it’s like, like fine. I understand that. Yes. But like, that’s not what I was looking for. So maybe I should phrase it like that. I didn’t want to go and sit with a bunch of men and cry because if I wanted that, I don’t know, watch, like what’s a movie that made me cry, Shawshank, redemption. I cry like a bitch in shock, but I know you don’t see me cause you’re sitting there. So I don’t cry in front of a women. Yeah. And then when you leave, I go in the toilet and like,Speaker 2: 12:33

Hm. I mean, I think to finish that question is I think that was another element element of it that I really liked. It was probably, I mean, as the something that was a bit different that I hadn’t really seen before that you mentioned to me was that it’s very action based. So even though a forum, you would think, you think that a forum is a place that’s very like theory and you kind of just talk about all of that. You said that it was very like you didn’t kind of indulge and just kind of, you know, getting off on the semantics of things.Speaker 1: 13:00

Yeah. That’s because the owner Chris from good-looking losers set it up like that specifically. That was one of the rules. I’ve kind of done the same on my website. Um, I think I tolerate discussion a little more. I know other guys like don’t like that radical as one who constantly say stop talking, take action. Um, there’s another guy. I can’t remember his name. I’m horrible with names. Um, I’ll remember it in like 35 minutes relevant. Yeah, that’s pretty. Yeah. But um, so they sort of say like stop talking, there is one guy in particular, I’m not going to name him. As I say this, everyone is going to know who I’m talking about. And the guy himself is going to know who I’m talking about to be fair. He’s like started taking a lot of action. But when he started, when he first came on the forums, he just started like fricking 15 different posts and like asked 15 different questions. And I mean, I understand that like some guys just come on and they kind of need permission to take that first step. Okay.Speaker 2: 13:57

It’s like an excitement thing too. Like you lose energy and you kind of just want to like let it out and ask a million questionsSpeaker 1: 14:03

And to be fair, he did give a lot of backstory. And like this guy in particular didn’t know anyone in his life, from what I understand who was into self improvement. So he comes to us and he’s like, fuck, all these guys are actually doing shit. Like, can I do this too? And you know, eventually we basically said like, just shut the fuck up and start. And then he did to be fair. Um, yes, that, that’s the first question. Do you think trying to get laid as a shallow goal? I mean, I guess you can apply that to me. You know, that that’s my goal anymore. Um, just yeah, just answer the question in general, I guess. Do you think that getting laid is a shallow goal? Obviously getting laid as a man, cause it’s not like girls try and get laid. It’s like three minutes of FL on Tinder.Speaker 1: 14:45

Even if you’re fat. I read an article yesterday. I didn’t tell you about it. Um, it was like a, how to guide written by a girl for like other girls, like how to get laid on Tinder. And it’s like, you dumb bitch. It’s like just, and she said weird shit on there. Like, like, no. Okay. I shouldn’t say it’s weird. She said like lower your standards. I think what she meant by that is don’t be too fussy because really that is the barrier of entry for women getting laid. It’s like, if you just stop saying no stop saying that. Yeah, that’s fine. I have no, like, I want to say I have no empathy, but I have no patience for girls who are like, I can’t get laid in a sec. Cause you’re saying no to everyone will say yes,Speaker 2: 15:24

Girl, have you ever heard say I can’t get laid. I’ve never heard that. I’ve never heard it. One of my female friends say like, I just don’t like, I don’t know how to like go out and have sex.Speaker 1: 15:35

Well, okay. It’s not usually phrased, like I can’t get laid. It’s usually phrased like I want to get laid, but I can’t when they say can’t, they’re saying like a lack of agency. So they’re saying like, everyone will think I’m a slight, if I do or I’ll judge myself or my, you know, and they frame that as a, they phrase that as I can’t, which again, I think I lack empathy. I have a little bit of empathy for that, butSpeaker 2: 15:58

It’s a psychological, psychological,Speaker 1: 16:00

That’s a big word. Isn’t it? It’s almost as big as licorice also usSpeaker 2: 16:04

More so than like the actual, tangible, trying to find a person.Speaker 1: 16:09

Yeah. So they can, it’s just like they get to. Yeah. Yeah. So do you think trying to get laid as a man is a shallow go, we’re taking like 52nd, 50 freaking minutes to answer any of these questions. It’s not my fault this way. I do like every single coaching call that I ever have, I would just get massively sidetracked and then I bring it back. This is why my calls go like overtime every time. It’s my fault. It’s not my clients.Speaker 2: 16:33

No. What do I think? I don’t, I think it’s a sliding scale. Like the way you can approach it can be very, very different. And I think there’s a, certainly like we’ve talked about like being picked up on it. Was it, I can’t remember his name, the one that went all crazy. ReligiousSpeaker 1: 16:50

Reach via, let me do a side or you, you can tell the story if you want. Sorry.Speaker 2: 16:53

No, no, no. You go, you probably know more about it.Speaker 1: 16:55

Rich V was a super famous pickup artist. Everybody should know who he is. He’s like crazy famous and got laid a ridiculous number of times. I don’t know how much, how many times traveled around the world getting laid. Like that was his thing. Getting laid with his thing and then just completely went off the deep end and renounced his entire thing and deleted all these books and took them all down and said, like getting laid as horrible and evil. And it’s against really, he found religion out of nowhere and decided he was going to be a good Christian boy.Speaker 1: 17:27

I don’t know if he went insane as much as it’s a very good cover story. Like I’ve found Jesus is a very good way to say, like I repent for all my sins and you can’t hold me accountable for my past. And you, you know, cause I think he went, I think to be fair, he does want to settle down and stuff like that, at least from what he said, but I don’t think you can just renounce your entire past. I think you kind of have embrace it and say like, you know, even if you want to move on. So like, yeah, that’s an old chapter of my life. Like why is that such a big deal? You don’t have to pretend it doesn’t fricking exist. Anyway, Rouge, you were talkingSpeaker 2: 17:58

After that tangent. Um, I would say that like, that’s the upper most extreme of the way in which you can go about like having casual sex. Cause obviously that wasn’t fulfilling for him. Otherwise he wouldn’t have backtracks. And maybe to like, to the extent that he did it. Sure. That might be like shallow or superficial. Yeah.Speaker 1: 18:15

To be fair. He was like doing nothing except having sex. Okay. He writes for his blog and stuff like that, but his blog is about having sex.Speaker 2: 18:23

So I think maybe that maybe I wouldn’t even call it shallow or superficial. It’s more that it just wasn’t meaningful. And I think he didn’t make it meaningful. Whereas I think that you, for example, may like, you know, having sex and getting experience with all of that, like that was obviously a very meaningful part of like the evolution of like who you are. I mean, you having sex with lots of girls ultimately kind of brought you to a place where you establish like a philosophy about women. And I mean, ultimately it stopped you from hating women, from what I’m aware, like pulled you out of the, like the really hateful kind of negative aspects of the red pill and like to call that, you know, shallow or superficial, I think would be very shortsighted just because, you know, seeing, you know, seeing a guy, I have sex with lots of women casually, it makes me feel yucky.Speaker 1: 19:23

Yeah. But that’s because you associated like, you know what most women do you just see the word get laid and you think like, okay, it must be having a bunch of one night stands and treating them like shit.Speaker 2: 19:32

Yeah. I think it also has a lot of connotations of like women being used. And I think for the most part that’s I think it’s very slightly data as well. Cause I think that a lot of the girls that you would have had like super casual, like one night stand, like they’re the ones that kind of initiated the like impermanence, like they call it.Speaker 1: 19:53

Sure. You’ve seen that since you’ve been dating me, the girls we’ve seen and stuff like that. Yeah.Speaker 2: 19:58

So like, I think it’s more a case of, it depends what you do with it. Like you can make it a shallow, meaningless thing where you heard other people or you can turn it into something that’s incredibly meaningful that will improve your confidence, your self worth it’ll make you a better person or make you kinder to women. It’ll set you up to, I don’t know if that’s something you want, like end up having a more meaningful and happy relationship.Speaker 1: 20:25

Yeah. It’s like a stepping stone and I always, and I think I was conscious that I was doing this early on. Cause I used to think that getting laid was the ultimate goal, but that’s only because I wasn’t getting laid. So I thought if I get laid, my whole life will be complete. Like everything will be perfect. I’ll have no problems. You know, like the kind of shit that you do when you’re a child, when you have that, like childlike, naive that if I could just have X, everything would be perfect. Right. Yeah. If I could just have that lolly, if mum would just buy me some fricking for you, Americans lolly means candy. If I could just have some candy or some ice cream or something, I’d be happy. And it’s like, it doesn’t work like that, but humans don’t work like that. Yeah. But I, I did think that as time anyway, the point I’m making is I quickly figured out like getting late is just part of self-improvement like, I wasn’t happy with my sex life so I should fix it. I also wasn’t happy with my body so I should lose fat. I wasn’t happy with my strengths. So I should go to the gym. I wasn’t happy with my money. So I should add some money.Speaker 2: 21:24

Yeah. I think on any, I think he could make the same. People could put you down for any other goal, whether that’s losing money, making money is shallow, losing weight is shallow. Like I think it’s what that, what you kind of do with that. For example, like, I mean, for me losing weight for someone to call that shell is pretty, pretty laughable. And the fact that like me losing weight speaks to self discipline and self love and compassion andSpeaker 1: 21:51

Yes, you’ve had to change a hell of a little about yourself in order to lose weight. It’s been all encompassing just like me with girls, for sure. I think most guys for girls, like I genuinely don’t. Okay. And maybe it’s because I’m screening in a very particular type of guy with my website and my forums. Um, doesn’t mean a single guy who’s coming to the forums and just said like, I want to fuck a bunch of bitches. You know what I mean? Like that’s just, Oh no, that was on good looking. That was on the older you get like some guys like that, but I think they get like, they get pushed out by like at least my community and other communities like is because they’re just not congruent with what we’re looking for. Like getting laid to be part of a bigger goal, a bigger purpose, I guess. And it sounds through an adSpeaker 2: 22:37

To, is it shallow? Uh, no. I think thatSpeaker 1: 22:41

Someone asked what’s the biggest goal you’ve achieved. Like you, in particular, you give yours and I’ll give mine like what I think yours is. And you tell me what you think yours is.Speaker 2: 22:54

I mean, I have two that come to mind. One is kind of a cheap because it means nothing. Um, so the first one would be, I guess, distancing myself from my relationship with my dad and my oldest siblings.Speaker 1: 23:10

Interesting. I wouldn’t have picked that one. Yes, I agree. But that wasn’t what came to mind first. I agree. That was,Speaker 2: 23:15

I think pairing paired with that is the decision to, at this point, like drop out of my course at university.Speaker 1: 23:27

Yeah. Okay.Speaker 2: 23:28

I think that was, that was kind of one in the same, in a way.Speaker 1: 23:32

Yeah. I was just going to say a damn shallow one. Mine was nothing compared to that. Yeah, you’re right.Speaker 2: 23:37

Well, I mean that, the more that I think I can think of like five different things, but I think that was a very big step for me personally, in terms of establishing a sense of self and independence and being less tied to what that side of my family thought of me and giving myself permission to be my own person.Speaker 1: 23:57

Yeah. Cause for context, your dad is Asian. You’re not Asian. You’re like coffee, you look white as fuck. There’s no one would ever think you’re Asian. Your dad is like full a hundred percent Asian. Like he’s got like Chinese, like the, how can I say, I’m going to say something racist. Yeah. I always say racist shit. Like the mailbox is, you know, like the postbox, like little slits for the eyes. Like that kind of thing, by the way, like fucking like 25% of my forum is like Asian dudes. Like I love you. I was just being a racist piece of shit. Yeah. But like, he’s very like Asian dominant parents. Yeah. There’s a couple of other guys on the forums who talk about the same sort of shit. Their parents are like that. Um, one guy in particular who lives with these parents, I think they’re well, they would be Asian cause he’s Asian. Um, this is a dumpster. Yeah. No it’s not. So it’s like, it can be oppressive. Cause like, it’s almost like you’re in a cult, especially if you still live with your parents and they’re like that you really are in a coat. You can’t imagine ever disappointing your parents ever letting them down ever doing your own thing because it’s so damn overbearing.Speaker 2: 25:04

Yeah. Because it equates to like death. Like if, cause that’s all that matters. It’s like, yeah. I mean, since you’re very small, it’s kind of drilled into like your reason for existence is like doing a good job. So like, you know, you’re a worthy person.Speaker 1: 25:22

Yeah. And I think that ties into like the concept of like self-improvement especially getting laid. If you think of society as your parents, most of society won’t necessarily approve of you wanting to go off to the goal of getting laid. They’ll say can’t you just have one girlfriend. Okay. And you just play around on Tinder for three months and then settle down. Like why you trying so hard to get laid? You kind of have to get used to the idea that you will be a disappointment to most of society and that doesn’t have to affect you too much. Cause you just don’t tell normies like normal people about what you’re working on. And you just find the people who will support you, which is going to be the minority. Absolutely. I’m not going to tell you that the average person wants you to get late. They don’t, they sure as fuck don’t they don’t want you to be rich. They don’t want you to be, I want to say they don’t want you to be happy, but they want you to be happy in a very predetermined preconfirm like confined. You’ve got like four different options. You get to pick one. And you’re like, well, what if I want this option over there? No, sorry. No, that’s not one of the ones that are preordained for everyone in society. SoSpeaker 2: 26:27

That, I mean, that sounds exactly like the overbearing parent. I mean that’s the big cliche. What I’m saying. It’s very true. It’s like you get to be a lawyer, a doctor pilot. I don’t even think parts of the list. Although dental dentists,Speaker 1: 26:41

Fantasies, if you’re a fucking loser. Yeah. Miss Asians, Asian parents will say you’re a fucking loser. If you’re a dentist fucking design you assumption. Yeah.Speaker 2: 26:48

It’s like a pre like predetermined. Like you can check one of the available boxes and that’s that’s yourSpeaker 1: 26:55

Hmm. Choice. Alright, next question. I don’t even know what was that question? So that was what was the biggest goal you’ve achieved? Yeah. Okay. So yeah. So we’re halfway through giving context. So your dad was like super overbearing. So were your two older siblings to the point where they didn’t, none of them wanted you to move out of home.Speaker 2: 27:14

Yeah. I guess that kind of comes in with the droppings and all of that kind of encompasses the main moving out of home. The maybe I’m quitting my course.Speaker 1: 27:23

Yeah. Cause all of that was you essentially disappointing them, which ties into a greater thing of like, do I deserve to have what I want? Like there was a lot of self esteem or lack of self esteem tied into all that. Um, just move the microphone closer to you. Cause you’re sitting so far back.Speaker 2: 27:42

I’m pretty far forward to me. You look great. Okay.Speaker 1: 27:45

Bad podcasts. You’re getting all your jump road dirty on the table. I can’t take you anywhere. I have to take you everywhere twice. Second time is to apologize. Yeah. So your parents, your dad, your two siblings were very overbearing and you had to go through hell to disappoint them. How many times did you have likeSpeaker 2: 28:04

Yeah, my sister sending me that, that one I think really got to me. My sister’s sending me these weird like manipulatedSpeaker 1: 28:11

Black amount of texts. Yeah. Texts. Like your sister was very manipulative. Yeah. They really didn’t like me even before they knew anything about me. Literally didn’t know anything. Yeah. They literally just knew you had a boyfriend and he’s older than you. And then it’s like right.Speaker 2: 28:25

You were owed at the may and it wasn’t monogamous. Yeah. That was I think the kicker. Yeah. It was the non-monogamy. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah. So I think that, and the other one that I was going to say was with my Asian kind of coming to a point where I think even the first thing, acknowledging that making myself throw up, isn’t a particular healthySpeaker 1: 28:50

Give context warm. So you never give context. You always like, I think it’s because you’re a woman I’m going to be super sexist here, but women never give context. They’ll just start talking like, Hey my friend Jessica. And you’re like, who the fuck is Jessica? Sorry. Well, I’m sorry. I’m used to talking to you. Stop talking to me, talking to me, but also the podcast audience. Okay. Of like probably one person now I probably get like fucking let’s estimate. How many people listen to this?Speaker 2: 29:17

The very first one will be the bike.Speaker 1: 29:19

63 in the first like three weeks. That’s quite a few. Yeah. All look at my fucking first YouTube video did all right. That’s true. Yeah. Cause I’m fucking cool. I’m a Coca. Yeah. Well what the fuck?Speaker 2: 29:35

Okay. The context around that one was that since I was what, I dunno, somewhere between 10 and 12, let’s say 11, I guess it was clinically diagnosed with like bulemia blaming habits. And that was like an on and off thing. I don’t know. I mean to present. And then I guess until maybe a year, probably even less than that, maybe like three, four months into meeting, you kind of kicked that. And cause I mean, initiallySpeaker 1: 30:05

We started working on it. Like, do you want to talk about how that conversation went? Well, yeah. I said you’ll believe me, bitch. And you were like, no, I’m not. I was like, you let you make yourself throw up. And you’re like, that’s not bulimic. I’m just getting rid of some extra calories.Speaker 2: 30:21

It was more a case of, cause I didn’t do it very because the clinical diagnosis, like you have to do it like once a week or something.Speaker 1: 30:28

What are you autistic? You’re like, Nope, sorry. The definition is exactly this. And I don’t fit in line with that definition. So therefore you are wrong. So it’s like, if I like slap my wife and they’re like, you beat your wife and it’s like, Nope, Nope. I just slapped her. Nope. I don’t beat her. I kick her. That’s not beating. Beating is with your fists. I’m a good husband.Speaker 2: 30:45

And I guess for maybe between the ages of like, I’m gonna say 13, maybe 14 to 1819, because it was a more infrequent habit at that point. I didn’t really see it as problem.Speaker 1: 31:02

Yeah. Yeah. But that’s what like every alcoholic says until it becomes a problem with every drug user. I have a handle on this. It’s not like it’s not taking over my life.Speaker 2: 31:11

Yeah. I mean, I guess it was only until recently like quiet rate. Like maybeSpeaker 1: 31:15

Towards the microphone go, you have this habit. I bet you, it’s going to show up on the thing where you like look off to the side, you do. Every time you’re taught. I think it’s going to make a difference. That guy in that car was like looking at us like crazy. Did you not see that? Because we’re sitting here with it in the middle of a fucking field with a fucking microphone and a laptopSpeaker 2: 31:33

Doing some dodgy shit. Um, and I was going to saySpeaker 1: 31:38

Rain in the distance. So for everyone listening in the podcast, there’s rain in the distance in case you couldn’t tell that. Yeah. BulemiaSpeaker 2: 31:47

I think for the longest time, I didn’t really recognize it was a problem. And I was probably only until the last couple of months of actually, maybe let’s say the last six months that I’ve really accepted that like that’s a very self destructive self-harming sort of behavior because I think for the longest time, even, you know, I was seeing you and we had like a million discussions about it. How you were lucky, you can’t keep doing this. I think for the, at least for the first year I was not throwing up because you thought it was bad and not because I thought it was bad. And I think like, and I guess it was a matter of like logically I knew it was bad because I knew all of like the medical, like the statistics part, like what it actually does to you and yeah.Speaker 1: 32:33

Yeah. Making yourself throw up bulemia is no good for you ruin your fucking throat and ruin your stomach lining because you’re throwing up like stomach acid. It’s also not good psychologically. And I have a great, not a very loving thing to be doing to yourself, obviously.Speaker 2: 32:48

Yeah. And I had friends that express the exact same opinion. So I think for maybe the last year, or like prior to actually me like really feeling it, I was refraining from the habit, like from a purely like logical standpoint. I was like, I don’t believe this. But if this many people in my life and science says,Speaker 1: 33:10

We’re telling you to stop doing something and that is dangerous for you. And it’s like,Speaker 2: 33:13

So yeah, it was kind of this half out of acceptance. But I think one of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had is right now, currently the act of making myself throw up is undoubtedly may hurting myself. Yeah.Speaker 1: 33:27

Yeah. It’s very, yes.Speaker 2: 33:29

It took me a very long time to believe that. Yeah.Speaker 1: 33:32

Well cyclic me with alcohol. How long has it taken me to work out that if I have a drink, there’s a very, okay. Maybe that’s slightly different because there are some times you can have a drink in an bulemia is never a loving or a good act. You you’re sticking your fingers down your throat. You can never be like, Oh, I’m just going to have a quick throat. Like, that’s good for me. I would just have a quick trout with my friends. Right. I would just enjoy one quick syrup. This there’s never a single time that it’s good for you. Well, that it feels good.Speaker 2: 33:57

I can think of very rare exceptions, but that’s purely like if you like have food poisoning or swallows, but yes, that’s a very rare exception.Speaker 1: 34:07

And alcohol is a little more like, and this is where I struggle is like, you know, like the other night when I was like, I think I want to have a drink. And it’s like, you have to sit there for like half an hour and decide like, if I drank this, is it going to hurt me? Am I hurting myself? Or is this like, can I do this in a healthy way? And I don’t have an answer for that yet. That’s something I’m still figuring out. Some alcoholics just never drink.Speaker 2: 34:27

I mean, that’s the whole philosophy of AA, isn’t it? It’s like, yeah.Speaker 1: 34:30

I didn’t, I didn’t like AI, I think in a bit too hard. Cool. If it works for people, fuck. Yeah. I a hundred percent support those people, but I mean particular for me, I think I’m just going to settle on essentially having a drink like once every three months or something once every two months. Anyway, I don’t know what point I’m going with tangent. That was, yeah. I think I was going with it’s very easy. So for all the times when alcohol isn’t good for me, it’s very easy to rationalize. Like, no, I’m just going to have a drink. And then you think about it and you’re like, no, I’m literally doing this to hurt myself. Like, I don’t think this will be good for me. I’m going to regret it afterwards. Therefore, if I do this, I’m literally hurting myself. So I shouldn’t do it or I would rather not do itSpeaker 2: 35:10

Well out of curiosity, what was your, um, your idea of what would be my biggest achievement thus far in my self improvement journey?Speaker 1: 35:23

Cause you said you had, I was going to say something along the lines of self awareness. Well self-acceptance, those are very vague terms in a self love. Like decided you don’t hate yourself anymore. You definitely hated yourself for a long time.Speaker 2: 35:41

Yeah, for sure. I mean that ones, I guess at times still a work in progress.Speaker 1: 35:45

Yeah. You don’t hate yourself now. You just, every now and then you get angry. So hopefully you’d bitch to yourself. Like you’re a Dick to yourself. I think everyone does that. It’s like why I read the article? Don’t stop being a cunt to yourself. That’s like, I read that. Cause like the number of clients who would just be assholes to themselves, I think we all need a reminder sometimes of like, you know, you’re a work in progress. You’re not perfect. You’re a fuck up. Like you’re human. Like it’s okay. Like the number of things you say may fuck up on a weekly basis or daily basis, not just kidding. I’m perfect. What was the hardest goal that you’ve ever worked on? Is that pretty much just the same again? Be the same and better not fucking Raina. There’s like storm clouds coming. You can see the rain rolling.Speaker 1: 36:27

We’re going to like, yeah, probably have to wrap this up. Like instantly, like I can it’s ran and go by people. Um, what was the hardest goal you’ve worked on? I think the hardest one is definitely been the food, the food stuff. You agree? Like your food cravings. So for context, it’s not just that you’re ballistic. You’re also like a binge eater as well. Would you use food to cope would be a better way to be fair. I do too. It’s something that I’ve had to like overcome. I think I have a pretty good handle on it now. Like obviously, cause I’m like I have abs, so like I’ve obviously lost all her weight, so I definitely have a handle on it, butSpeaker 2: 36:59

Yeah. And I think particularly with like, I dunno, it all ties into like, like a lot of the self love and self acceptance type stuff, but main losing 10 to 15 kilos and then putting pretty much all of it back on like that.Speaker 1: 37:12

Yeah. Cause so for context, you lost a lot of weight, like 10 or 15 kilos, but you kind of did it in a rush and you then just immediately put it over.Speaker 2: 37:21

Yeah. And like a couple of months.Speaker 1: 37:23

Yeah. But that’s only cause we did it in a rush way, which I think it was worth trying that because that may have worked, there’s a world in which she went to like a bootcamp, you lost like a bunch of way in like, it was like 10 kilos or something. That’s like 20 pounds or something like that in like six weeks. Right?Speaker 2: 37:38

Yeah. Oh that was a different one. I was talking a bit about like the initial.Speaker 1: 37:41

Yeah. Even the initial was like pretty much you would. Yeah. You really did. And to repair that might’ve worked like that worked for me the first time I lost weight. I lost like fucking 77 pounds in like nine months. Which when you work it out, that’s pretty quick. It ended up being like three and a half pounds a week consistently every single week for nine months. That’s like pretty damn good. Yeah. There’s a world in which it would have worked. It’s just that it didn’t work for you. We figured it out. We have to take a more slow process, which we’re now in the middle of right now and that’s working better. Could it be fair? It’s trickier when you have a binge eating disorder and believe me on top of that.Speaker 2: 38:16

Yeah. Cause I guess it’s not that I,Speaker 1: 38:18

You’re not just losing weight. You’re also fighting two addictions.Speaker 2: 38:22

Yeah. In a way. It’s and it’s not that when I, you know, it’s not that I, like, I overeat, I’m like, Ooh, I had just had like some ice cream and like some chips it’s like, I just went and ate 10,000 calories, like 60% of it hurt. And it was unpleasant to even, but like I felt compelled to keep.Speaker 1: 38:38

Yeah. So for context, if anyone doesn’t know, like not all binge eating is the same obviously, but like, you know, when we say binge eating, we do mean like the literal clinical definition of binge eating, like literally 10,000 calories, like, cause you’re fucking pissed at yourself and this is your addictive. But just like guys who drink a lot, you know, like we’ll drink a bottle of whiskey or something, you know, it’s like that level of addiction. But you’re at the point now when you binge it’s like once every, probably I don’t know, a month, if that, and you don’t binge anywhere near the same, it’s like you have some ice cream and some yoga and you know, it’s like 3000 calories extra, which is like, because remember there was that period where you didn’t think you could ever, and I was like, just have patients, bitch, trust me. Like, I’ve overcome enough shit. You will too. And you were like, there’s no way I can like stopping and BNG to. And I was like, yes, you can. Like, if I can fix all my shit, you can definitely fix soils. Um, so that was the hardest goal you’ve worked on. Someone said, the question goes on to say, what doubts did you have? Well, we just kinda talked about the doubts. He didn’t even think he could do it.Speaker 2: 39:40

Yeah. I think with every one of my goals, there’s the doubt that it’s, you know, worst case scenario, it’s going to go horribly. I’m going to fail. My life will be in ruins. All of that stuff.Speaker 1: 39:51

Yeah. You had doubt. I didn’t have doubts. I think it’s cause I’m really stubborn. And so I, okay. I had doubts as to whether you would stick around with me and obviously I can’t control you. So it’s, you know, it’s not really doubts. It was more like, yeah. If she stays with me, she’ll fix this. Cause I’ll make her like, you know, just help her until she fixes it. If she leaves, then you know, she probably won’t fix it. So I didn’t really have doubts. And you would fix it. Cause I’ve literally, every client I’ve ever had has fixed all their issues. If they just either keep seeing me or, and I’m not saying it’s like only cause they see me or like stick around on forums or just like keep working on their self-improvement. I mean, you’ve said it don’t fucking quit.Speaker 2: 40:35

Yeah. That’s exactly. I was going to say it you’ve said it like a million times as long as you never give up.Speaker 1: 40:39

Yeah. It’s like, it’s literally, you’re guaranteed all you die first, which is like, it gives a shit like at least you died trying to fix it. Those are your only two options I’ll die or I’ll I’ll fix it. Like cool. They got you’re guaranteed to be successful. Cause like the number of people that I’ve seen that could have been successful, that just stopped. Especially as a, like on my own forums. But I’ve also been a moderator on the good-looking loser farms for which is another set of farms for like four years or some shit, three, something like that. Oh, I’ve been a moderator there for like two years I think. But I’ve been like a Saint like senior sort of fate. I’m doing inverted quotes. You guys can’t tell, um, for like four years and yeah, the number of people that are just crushing it and then just stop and you’re like, why did you fucking stop them?Speaker 1: 41:23

They just don’t come back. And the only ones who are successful at guys who just didn’t quit, like, and none of the people who have seen that as successful or anything special, like they’re not special. There’s no, there’s also no pattern. It’s not like anyone has myself included in this. It’s not like any one particular PO it’s not like everyone has a particular trait or set of traits or anything that makes them successful. And they all are successful in a million different ways and using a million different techniques. The only way they get there is just not stopping and they get there in their own way. So maybe stubbornness is the only factor you need. I don’t even think you need stubbornness. I don’t know if it’s stubbornness. Cause not every one of them is stubborn. Some of them maybe it’s just that perseverance. Perseverance. Yeah. But I don’t think that’s a trait as much as a habit. Like cause the number of people that I’ve yelled at and said just don’t fucking quit. And then they stick around. So it’s not like that. They were like, they were on the verge of quitting. So they were by definition, a quitter and someone just said, don’t quit. And they said, okay, like that’s not stubbornness. That’s not perseverance. They were ready to fucking quit. There’s didn’t cause someone told them not to, if I hadn’t have said that they probably would have quit.Speaker 2: 42:33

I guess it’s not a trait. It’s almost like, they’re like hopelessness. Can’t outweigh.Speaker 1: 42:39

Yeah. Cause we all have hopelessness and we think I’m never going to reach my goal. It’s hopeless, but the alternative is worse. So maybe there’s something in your mind that says, if I do quit, that’s worse.Speaker 2: 42:51

Well, I mean, we’ve had that discussion a million times that like the thought of just like giving up on your goals and just like quitting, it’s just like, it’s not possible. Like you’d have to severely self-medicate toSpeaker 1: 43:02

Yeah. It’s very hard to quit your goal, especially when you’re a certain way through it. Or you’ve at least like started, it’s very hard to quit and be okay with that. Like I think it eats away at a lot of guys, which is why you start or a lot of people, which is why you would then go and gain weight or you’d watch a bunch of Netflix to cope or you play video games where you drink or like start eating like a lot of guys go away and then come back. That’s the other thing, the end of this question is did anyone try to talk you out of you go yeah. Yeah. Like everyone. Right. Except me with the exception of me and I guess a few people on my forums and on the good looking loser forums who all encouraged you, like they said nice things to you.Speaker 2: 43:42

I think the most obvious one would be my family. Like my dad’s side of the family specifically. My mom’s very supportive. Yeah.Speaker 1: 43:48

Did you give full credit to your mom? What currently recording this from your mother’s property was sitting in your mother’s backyard. She was like a fucking farm. Almost picture. We should take a pic. Yeah. We’ll talk about that next podcast about like Corona and COVID and like fleeing Melbourne and like, yeah. Well maybe we’ll do an episode about that craziness in Melbourne. We should take a picture out here. Cause it’s so pretty and put this in the podcast. We should actually do I have my phone, you keep talking and I’m going to say a and keep talking, keep talking about, did anyone try it?Speaker 2: 44:22

Oh, did anyone try and talk me out of it? I think, I mean, my family was the most obvious one, but I think even in little ways, particularly when I was going through, I guess I’d call it my wave of weight loss. Almost everyone was either worried or somewhat critical, um, including my dad’s house even. And I guess for a lot of people that came out of a place of worry, like even friends and family, they’re like, Oh, you don’t need to be losing weight. Like, is that really healthy for you? I mean, with the context of like, I have, have had an eating disorder, so yes. Weight loss can make that a bit trickier. Um, so there was a lot of people worrying, a lot of people that when I was like, Oh, I’m just, you know, I’m not eating X, Y, Z, or you know, I’d rather not have that piece of cake be like, Oh, just like it’s typical sort of stuff. I think everyone that works on things kind of expects that I think similarly with,Speaker 1: 45:16

Especially with weight loss, weight loss seems to be a tricky one. So just getting laid, but weight loss, like people have weird crap bucket mentality almost, but I don’t think they know that they’re doing it like that. They want to pull you down and stop you from losing weight. Cause then it makes them feel a little uncomfortable because they’re not losing weight and they’re kind of chubby and not happy with themselves.Speaker 2: 45:34

Yeah. I think I even found from like, and I, I had friends that were, you know, far leaner than I was. Um, and they would, I think that they’d say it out of a place of like, Oh, but you know, you look great. Like just out of likeSpeaker 1: 45:48

Horrible at giving, like self-improvement advice to each other. Cause it’s usually like self improvement. Like, no, you’re beautiful how you are. Don’t change for anyone else. And you’re like, but I want to change. And they’re like, no, you shouldn’t want to. And you’re like, fuck you for telling me what goals I’m allowed to have. Yeah. It’s like a weird, I get it comes. I think it comes from a, I know like a lot of the red pill and those kinds of people will say like, it’s because girls have to like drag each other down. And I think that’s a very naive view of it. I think it’s coming from a good place. It’s just very, it’s a very feminine energy, like accepting and loving and supportive. Yeah.Speaker 2: 46:23

Yeah. They want you to feel nice. Cause I think the active improvement acknowledges that there’s something wrong to begin with and that doesn’t feel good.Speaker 1: 46:30

Yes. Yes. So I think guys in particular struggle to hear that like, like they look at girls doing that and they just think, Oh she’s self-sabotaging because she’s a bitch. They’re not understanding like the feminine energy and that it’s coming from a good place. Cause as guys we don’t need that. You would just be sabotaging someone if you said, no, you’re great how you are bro. It’s like, why are you trying to sabotage me? You should be telling me that I look disgusting. Like you’re supposed to be telling me that I’m a piece of shit you’re supposed to be calling me out so that I can fix myself. Like I want you to be blunt and honest. Whereas girls, there’s always a bit of hesitation to be that blunt. Cause you’ll make her cry or yeah, you’re a bitch. Yeah. You’re a bit shit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.Speaker 1: 47:11

We should start wrapping this up cause it’s getting cold and I’m pretty sure that means it’s about to piss down with rain. It’s like completely dark out here. Like all the clouds it’s so badly gonna rain in two seconds. Um, so answer this question in like seriously 30 seconds. Okay. If you could go back five years until you pass self five years, you were fucking like six years old. Right? Full disclosure. She’s not she’s 20. So don’t send the fucking police after me. Okay. Fuck you. Um, yeah. So let’s say if you could go back two years, let’s say if you could go back just before you met me. Um, so that’s like two years until you pass past two pieces of advice, what would they be? You can just pick one piece of advice if you wantSpeaker 2: 47:54

One Oh one piece, two pieces, whatever. I mean, I think the main one would be pursue what makes you happy? Don’t do stuff because other people are telling you, it’s what you should be doing that applies to weight loss uni, you know, pursuing art specifically. I would love to start doing more art earlier. So I could work on that. Like building that into a career or a business, basically just do more of what makes you happy.Speaker 1: 48:22

Yeah. Just stop trying to please other people stop giving a fuck.Speaker 2: 48:27

I think that, yeah, honestly it would have just been the catalyst for me starting my self improvement journey a little bit earlier. I think that would have been it. Yeah.Speaker 1: 48:34

Hmm. No second piece of advice. Oh, you’re just too perfect. You only need one, one little negative advice would have fixed you.Speaker 2: 48:42

Um, I mean actually following that advice is very different. Um, that’s all that comes to mind at this point in time.Speaker 1: 48:53

Maybe making yourself for up is bad. You shouldn’t do that.Speaker 2: 48:59

If that was coming from a future, may then maybe I’d believe it more at the time when it takes a long to get over it. Yeah.Speaker 1: 49:06

What piece of advice would I give my POS? So from like five years ago, so that’s pretty much when I started my self improvement. What piece of advice would I give? I don’t know. I don’t think I needed to hear anything. Like I think, and maybe you’ll probably get to the same point in a couple of years. I think everything that happened is going to sound so cheesy happened for a reason. Like, like honestly honest to God, like I don’t think I would change anything over the last five years. Cause even the bits where I wasted time, like I had that, I had a five month period where I basically stopped working on any of my goals. Um, I was still working on some stuff, but like I, I basically was depressed for five months. I don’t even regret that cause that needed to happen.Speaker 1: 49:48

Cause then I went like massively in the opposite direction after that I was like, okay, I got to make up for the last time. Um, I don’t think there’s anything that I would tell my past self, I guess I’d just say you’re going to be okay. Like you’re going to do all right. But I don’t think I even needed to heal. Maybe that would have been a nice thing to hear. That would have been a nice thing to hear five years ago for sure. Cause I wasn’t sure. Or you’re gonna make it. That would have been what I would have wanted to hear. Yeah. That absolutely would have been. So you’re gonna make it. That’s all I would’ve needed to hear. So anyone listening to this, you’re going to make it. If you don’t fucking quit, if you quit then fuck you. You’re not going to make it. You’re gonna live a shitty life. Yeah. That’s pretty much it. We should wrap it up 50 minutes. That’s pretty good. We’ll go for an hour.Speaker 3: 50:38

Can actually feel that long.Speaker 1: 50:40

It’s very easy to talk. I told you this is a million times easier than me writing a fucking article. You just get to talk for an hour. And I like talking. I’m very good at talking. I don’t like to stop talking. I like listening to you. Isn’t that nice. So if anyone listening, if you guys have any questions for ms [inaudible] or mrs. Andy, this is Andy here. Jamie, did you say shoot, my fucking gender you slough is mrs. I can be a mrs. If I want to be a mrs. I can be a mrs. Being female. You’re part of the patriarchy. Yeah. You’re part of the problem. Black lives matter. Yeah.Speaker 3: 51:23

And greater Israel.Speaker 1: 51:25

Corona virus is real. Everyone should be scared of coronavirus. I want you guys older, lucky yourselves inside the house and wear gloves. Goggles, goggles have fucking goggles. So it doesn’t get in your eyeballs. Walk around with a flame, throwing, setting everything on fire. Cause that kills the virus as well. Don’t have sex. Stop getting laid. Don’t listen to podcasts either. Cause I could have Corona and you could get it. Yeah. Yeah. So if anyone has any questions for mrs. Imaging or mr. Andy, that’s me and that’s her or us together, let us know. And we’ll answer them on a future podcast or we just wait and you can go fuck yourself. That’s not what you’re saying. I can’t insult my audience. You can do it and be like, yeah, fuck this audience. I love you guys very much. And there’s a car going past, so we’re gonna wait for that to go past.Speaker 1: 52:18

Bye. Bye. Love you. Bye bye. Bye. Bye. Car hugs and kisses don’t ever come back. Yeah. Love you guys very much. Thanks for listening. Thank you imaging for being here. My first guest. Very welcome. Yeah. Now let’s go fucking inside where it’s one. We’ve got to do an Outre as well. We swore on the intro. We said the wind, the N we, we both, we both together said the n***a word that you can’t say. I’m pretty sure like that will get me stabbed in America, but it’s finding them in Australia. You can just say that. Would you say faggot as well mean? Is this going to even go up on like Spotify and stuff? I bet you that one.Speaker 3: 53:00

Yeah.Speaker 1: 53:01

Yeah. Let’s just, that can be the ashtray hugs and kisses. Love to okay. Let’s both kiss the microphone at the same time. That’s one. Why is it just me doing it? You got to do it. That’s the exitSpeaker 3: 53:14

Second I’m ready. Like right now.

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