Day 108: There are 2 Levels of Attraction (Attraction vs Lust)

If you’ve never had a girl visibly lust over you and masturbate over you, you’re doing self-improvement wrong.

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Why Losing Fat Matters Above All Else for Getting Laid:

The Slight Edge:

1 comment on “Day 108: There are 2 Levels of Attraction (Attraction vs Lust)

  1. René says:

    To this day, this is probably the most important podcasts. Also the staying on the frontlines, until you snap is very good (building your courage). For a long time i was very comitted to becoming more socially skilled. I would meditate each day, control my negative thoughts much like in CBT, get a job in support and later sales, constantly talk to girls everywhere, do a lot of cool stuff. I became more charming and more girls wanted to hang out with me after a while. But it pretty much stopped there for me. I really thought i could charm my way into girls pants. I got laid some times, but it was very dissapointing being the center of a party and then nothing to take home for it. The girls i would entertain/connect with, would still go home and fuck a more boring boyfriend afterwards. Being charming is a great skill, but it is way overrated when trying to sleep with girls. Improving my looks and my courage. Being comfortable with failure (rejected, labeled creepy etc.), taking risks (sexually charged conversation and body language etc.) is what got the results for me. Gll really opened my eyes to this and you further expand on it.
    This may not sound very sympathetic, but a lot of conversations with girls bore me, except when they tell me something very personal about themselves. What they really hide. Feelings, emotions, thoughts. Weird, good, bad. Doesn’t matter.
    This is just my experience, it may differ for other people, just felt like writing it.

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