Day 13: Overcoming Porn Addiction & Not Using Women

Andy dives in to his own past struggles with porn addiction, as well as how to have sex that makes you feel good about yourself – and her too.


You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought:

My How to Get Laid on Tinder Guide (also applies to relationships, and meeting girls in person):

The Takeaway:

  • Don’t just focus on “I will stop watching porn”. Make sure you also have something to work towards – something to replace the porn with.
  • Focusing 100% and going all-in on your goals (especially your dating/sex goals) will give you something to focus on that isn’t porn.
  • I struggled for years with a very bad porn addiction; focusing on fixing my sex life was the cure for me.
  • Don’t use women to just fulfill a porn fantasy; instead, share that fantasy with them and make it a fun thing you do together.
  • During sex, you can frame things as “I will aim to turn her on like crazy and make her go wild” – rather than “I’m using her to fulfill my porn fantasy”.

2 comments on “Day 13: Overcoming Porn Addiction & Not Using Women

  1. ralstig says:

    The term you are looking for is desensitized or overstimulated.
    You become desensitized and always looking for bigger and harder things, or in this case more-hardcore situations/fantasies.

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