Day 136: Questions to Ask Yourself [Part 1/3]

Full article with all the questions written out:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why does Andy (and other successful players) deserve to get laid a lot, but not me? Why am I special?
  • Andy was a total loser at the start, so if he can get laid a lot, why can’t I?
  • Am I just putting up bullshit excuses like these ones?
  • Why does Andy deserve to overcome his depression, but not me?
  • Why wouldn’t girls like me? Is there really something wrong with me? Can I improve that or work around it?
  • Do I want to feel helpless and hopeless? Does my hopelessness help or protect me in some way – am I getting something out of it? (Watch this podcast, it covers this topic in great detail and will blow your mind).
  • Do my flaws really mean no women will ever like me? Can I make up for my flaws by having some really strong, awesome strengths?
  • What attributes would a player have, that I don’t?
  • Can I work on getting those attributes?
  • Do I deserve to be miserable and unhappy? Why? Why do other people deserve to be happy, but not me?
  • Am I destined to be a failure for life, or can I change that?
  • Did the universe/God/whatever preordain me to be a failure? Does that have to be the case, or can I rise up and change the course of my own life?
  • The guys that are players – not all of them were players at the start [I – Andy – am a good example of this]. So they literally learned how to get laid a lot, learned how to improve themselves, learned how to lose fat, learned how to make friends, learned how to beat depression, learned how to overcome their negative thoughts… Can’t I just learn all those skills too, one by one?


If You Don’t Take Yourself Seriously, How Can You Expect Anyone Else to?

The Only Thing that Matters: Just Don’t Ever Fucking Quit:

Hopeless and Helpless:

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