Day 137: More Questions to Ask Yourself [Part 2/3]

Full article with all the questions written out:

Even more questions to ask yourself:

  1. What are your goals? Not what do you deserve, but what do you want? Dream big, even if you think it’s stuff you’ll never actually have.
  2. What are your main blockages? What’s holding you back?
  3. Are you just asking me for permission to go all-in and make getting laid your number 1 goal?
  4. Do you have a fear that girls won’t like you if they see the real, vulnerable you?
  5. Do you worry if you have sex with too many girls, the girls will think you’re a bad person/not like you?
  6. Do you worry about what other people will think of you?
  7. Do you worry you’re not good enough to get laid; you’re not really a player, you’re not equal to Chris/Scotty/me/anyone else?
  8. Do you worry that having a tonne of sex will ultimately be meaningless – you’ll achieve all you want to achieve with girls but will still be unhappy at the end of it?
  9. Do you worry having too much sex is “disrespectful” to the girls you bang; do you worry about using them for sex? (That doesn’t have to be the case – it isn’t for me).
  10. Do you resent women? Are you jealous of them, or think they have it easier than guys, or hate that they get to be the choosers – they can reject you for any reason they want?
  11. What places are you scared to hit on girls? (Supermarket will give different anxiety vs train station vs a girl sitting down vs a girl walking fast, etc)
  12. Anything else you worry about, or any fears or “sticking points”?

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