Day 14: The Red Pill is a Bit Crazy Sometimes…

Andy and Imogen have a bit of fun pointing out some of the inconsistencies of The Red Pill.


The 4some:

Oh No You’ve Angered the Gods:

“All Women Are Like That”:

The Takeaway:

  • Don’t write off all women just because a few weren’t great.
  • Women are absolutely capable of loyalty; it’s up to you to find the loyal ones, and to expect loyalty from them.
  • Stop obsessing about “beta” vs “alpha”. Instead just focus on living the life you want to live. Make self-improvement your mission; not “Is this alpha? Is this beta?”

What are you experiences of the red pill – has it helped you? Hindered you? Let me know:

3 comments on “Day 14: The Red Pill is a Bit Crazy Sometimes…

  1. ralstig says:

    How do you differentiate between deal breakers and flaws?

    1. Andy says:

      May answer this on an upcoming ep. Edit: here:

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