Day 157: Does “Building Comfort” Matter? (Patreon Question)

Do you need to “build comfort” with girls before having sex with them? (Hint: no, but not for the reason you think).

Ed’s question was:
Why is “building comfort” considered such an important part of mainstream PUA philosophy, but it’s hardly discussed at all within KYILor GLL

According to mainstream advice, women need to have spent time and connect emotionally with a man before they are willing to have sex with him. Is there something missing from this view of sex and female attraction? If building comfort is important, why do women have casual sex when they “barely know” a guy?

Hint — I think I know part of the answer: lust and physical attractiveness is driving the attraction in these casual sex relationships. Excitement, risk, and “moving fast” is an attraction in itself. No one questions a roller coaster ride by asking “aren’t you afraid?” The response is simply “duh, it’s supposed to be a little scary and exciting, that’s why it’s fun!”


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