Day 19: Do Andy & Imogen Want Kids? [Part 1]

Does Andy want kids? Does Imogen? What about when she “hits the wall” and her biological clock kicks in? (Part 1 of 2)


Dealing wtih ruts/lack of motivation;

  • Just START.
  • Use self-medication/rewards to motivate yourself.
  • Build small daily habits using “The Slight Edge” book.
  • Lower the barrier to entry – use the “1 Pushup Challenge” method).

Having kids:

  • Does Imogen want kids?
  • Is she just being naive because she’s only 20?
  • “Hitting the wall” – what about when she’s closer to 30? Will her “biological clock” make her regret her decisions?
  • Always be working on a mission – life is a process of achieving a mission then starting on a new one.
  • Kids are a form of “self-improvement project”; you have them so you can have a mission/responsibility.
  • What about when everyone else is having kids – would you feel pressured?
  • Debating, playing “Devil’s Advocate”, and my friend’s views on this.
  • Mission: Hold a Baby
  • Getting that “mentor/mothering” itch scratch.
  • Opening one door means closing another door. It’s a choice – don’t have kids and get to travel the world, be free, not be tied down, etc. Or have a family. Both have pros and cons.


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1 Pushup a Day:

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