Day 2 of 365: The second time I’ve talked about my favourite concept – accepting you’re going to be terrible when you first start a new goal, and throwing yourself in the deep end anyway.

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02:00 What I want this show to become

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04:57 30 days of podcasting

05:48 Nerves, and giving yourself permission to suck

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10:18 The next podcast

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Andy (0.57">00:00):

Hey guys, welcome to the Kill Your Inner Loser show. I’m your host, Andy, as always. And I have absolutely no friends with me today. No girlfriend, nobody they’ve all left me. It’s just me. So in today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about where I want this podcast to go. What my goals with it are. I’m going to say a little bit about what I’ve been up to this week, and I will tell you about giving yourself permission to suck, uh, more on that later. So this week I went on libertarian podcast. Um, I’ve never been on another podcast in my life. I’ve never been interviewed or anything like that. Um, it was a hell of a lot of fun and I was extremely nervous. I went on there to talk about, uh, my city, Melbourne, where I grew up. Uh, if you’re not familiar, we’re going through an absolute police state hell right now we’ve got one of the harshest lockdown laws in the entire, probably the entire Western world.

Andy (53.67">00:53):

Um, I won’t go too much detail about it on here, cause I want to kind of keep politics out as much as I can, but I’ll leave the link to that in the show notes, you can go and have a listen. Um, like I said, it was a hell of a lot of fun. It was a new experience. I was absolutely terrified, nervous as hell. And I think I did a pretty decent job. Um, I’ve also done a ton of research into the eye, the art, sorry of podcasting this week. Um, I’ve been following a few blogs, like smart, passive income. Uh, if you’re not familiar with that guy, he does a lot of videos and podcasts and stuff about podcasting. Um, that’s been really interesting, but for the most part, what I’ve found is what I already kind of really knew, which is the best thing you can do is just start, like there’s no point sitting around reading a bunch of material about like, how do I start a podcast?

Andy (99.27">01:39):

Um, the same thing applies to pretty much every goal. How do I get good with girls? It’s not by sitting around reading how to get good with girls short read a little bit, spend maybe, you know, 10 hours researching that stuff and then just go outside and talk to girls. You’re gonna absolutely suck at it. You’re going to do an awful job, but that’s how these things go and you get better over time with practice, um, with learning. Yeah, jump right in, jump into the deep end and get started as for a general idea of what I want this podcast to be. Um, everything I’m about to say, I’m speaking to all the guys who’ve already followed me, who are already following me, who read my website. Um, you guys are getting sort of a special insight, cause let’s be honest in two years, I’ll still be doing this podcast.

Andy (41.81">02:21):

Nobody who listens to the podcast or who finds the podcast at that point in time, we’ll come back and listen to this. So this is really just a message for all of you who already would like read my stuff and you already know who I am. Um, first and foremost, it will be a self-improvement podcast. It’ll be slightly skewed towards men, just as a natural consequence of me being a man. But that isn’t going to be the intention. I’m not going to make this podcast specifically for men. I would like it to be for everyone, women included. Um, a lot of the girls, I need to stop saying I’m Dona. A lot of the girls that I’ve dated. I’ve been a mentor to them. They’ve been on board with self-improvement that wanted to do it themselves. I would like to not close this off to them and to people like them.

Andy (87.75">03:07):

I’m going to also cover topics like philosophy, ethics, mental health, fitness, um, starting your own business, making money. Of course I’ll be talking about all the stuff that I normally cover. So BDSM, threesome, sex, open relationships, uh, honesty, stuff like that. I plan on interviewing a ton of different people, um, and having different guests in that, on the show, not just my girlfriend. Um, and I went, Jesus Christ. I need to stop saying, um, and I won’t just have my cell phone here as well. I would like this to be probably 50% of the podcasts. I do have a guest. I’ll be doing people from different walks of life, people doing different goals. It won’t just be like a sex or a self improvement, uh, podcast. I would also like to interview like libertarians, um, people who are just into fitness, uh, people who are already in a relationship and are having success or not having success, people with mental health issues or people who want to talk about mental health, it’ll be a wide range of people.

Andy (44.36">04:04):

So on that note, if you want to come on the show yourself, shoot me a message. Either email me or contact me on the forums or drop a comment below down the bottom of this podcast or read the show notes and I’ll have a link down there because no matter where you’re at, even if you’re a complaint, not a newbie, like I’d love to have you on the show and interview you don’t stress. If you’re nervous, uh, I’ll take the lead in our handle. Most of the conversation, shoot me a message and we’ll set something up on that note. I was nervous as hell to start the first podcast. I’m nervous today. I’m nervous right now. And I was definitely nervous with the podcast that I went on, the libertarian one. I went on to talk about my city of Melbourne. You will always be nervous with this kind of stuff don’t ever let nerves hold you back. So if you think it would be cool to come on here and you know, have a chat with me and shoot the shit. Maybe I can give you a little bit of coaching. I can answer some of your questions. You can tell me what’s going on in your life. Like send me a message, Derby shy.

Andy (98.24">04:58):

I’ve had the idea to do a 30 days of podcasting where I would do one podcast every single day, obviously for 30 days and see where that takes me. I’m pretty sure it’s something I’m going to do. I may just call this day one, because this is something that I’ve done in the past. I wanted to get really good with photography many years ago. And so I told myself, all right, fuck, are you going to do 365 days worth of this shit? One photo a day. You want to pour your heart and soul into every single one and you’re not going to miss a day and then see what happens. And probably by about the hundredth day, like my God, my photography was like 80 times better than when I started. And this ties back into a notion that I’ve had ironically, the very first article that I ever wrote for my website, which was give yourself permission to suck.

Andy (46.33">05:46):

And I’ll have a link to that down in the show notes below. I’ve always found that the best way to learn or the best way to get efficient and decent at something is to just throw yourself in the deep end and say, screw it. I’m going to be absolutely. I’m going to embarrass and humiliate myself. And I will just get better with time that applies right now to this podcast. Like this is not perfect. The notes that I’ve written to give myself, I’m not perfect. I’m kind of just winging this and seeing what happens. This may turn out to be fucking awful. But even if this is the worst podcast I ever do, congratulations, it was a stepping stone to getting towards the best podcast I ever do. So do the same thing in your life, especially when it comes to things like NGOs or a lot of guys are really nervous and terrified to set foot in the gym for the first time and start lifting weights.

Andy (91.13">06:31):

And I thought exactly the same. You really just have to throw yourself in there, go to the gym, except the fact that you’re going to be horrible. And everyone’s going to look at you, which they weren’t. But you know, you don’t know that until you go in there, you think everyone’s going to look at you and just get it done. The alternative is to sit at home and read 50 million books on lifting weights and watch 10 million YouTube videos and just essentially waste months and months, or even years of your life, not doing anything and not taking action and not making any progress. I’ve talked about this many times in many other articles, it’s the danger of a lot of pickup artists material and some of the red pill stuff, which is they have such a focus on theory and learning and education. So to speak that they don’t actually get in there and start.

Andy (36.97">07:16):

And so you can spend months or years thinking you’re making progress when you’re making Jack shit progress. Especially if your goal is to actually get a girlfriend or to actually have sex. You sitting at home. Reading is not the same thing as talking to girls and getting laid. So throw yourself in the deep end, no matter what goal it is that you’re working on. If you’ve been hesitating to start just fucking start, like, that’s what I’ve done with this podcast. As I’m talking to you right this second, I armed and I OD and I thought about it and I thought, Oh, it’s not perfect. I don’t know what I’m going to talk about today. I haven’t planned anything out. My girlfriend is busy, so I can’t have her on as a guest. Like I really shouldn’t do a podcast today. And then I just thought, stop making excuses, sit the hell down, record a podcast.

Andy (79.75">07:59):

If it’s awful, congratulations. That’s a stepping stone towards doing something better on that note. I’ve talked before about the book and quick side note. Look, I stopped saying arms. See what happens when you’re not as nervous. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Throw yourself in the deep end. You will suck at first. And then you would just magically get better. When you get on a roll, the only way you will ever get on a roll, the only way you will ever gain momentum is by starting. You can’t have momentum if you’re still at the fucking start line. So on that note, the slight edge is a book that I’ve talked about many times in the past. I’m going to link to it in the show notes again. So you can go and read my guide on how to make the most of it. That’s a huge concept in the slight edge. Stop reading, stop learning and just take action. Just start right now. And you won’t have a perfect plan. You won’t know exactly where you’re going. That doesn’t matter. You can adjust to it and you should be adjusting it on the fly as you get going, just start and you can take action. Sorry. You can tweak your actions later on

Andy (41.97">09:01):

On that note and on the note of podcasts in general, if you have any questions that you would like me to answer on an upcoming show, ask away like drop a comment below, or send me an email or message me and my forums. You ask me absolutely anything you want. You can kind of think of it as a bit of like free coaching. If you’ve got any questions, if you have struggles, if you’re unsure about anything, if you want me to talk about a particular topic, if you just have a quick question or a long question, it doesn’t matter ask away and I will answer it on one of these upcoming podcasts. My goal is for probably like 30% of the podcast to be me talking about, or me and my guests talking about whatever we want to talk about. And then probably like the other 70% answering your questions, responding to you, even having you on the show, you know, you are other newbies or, you know, people who have questions or whatever.

Andy (89.16">09:49):

I would like it to be more of an advice podcast rather than just me giving sermons and sitting here telling you, you know, what to do and what I think and what I’ve done and all that. I would like it to be more interactive. Um, I already have a YouTube channel that I plan on releasing content for which will be a little more, so many, a little more formal, where I just talked to you and tell you my views on certain things. And what’s worked for me and all that. I would like this podcast to be more interactive on the next podcast. I will have my girlfriend on again, probably the next one. And we will be answering a few questions that other people have asked us. We’ve already had a couple of questions about open relationships, jealousy. I’m dealing with that in threesomes and all that sort of stuff.

Andy (31.88">10:31):

So we’ll answer a bunch of those questions. It’ll be a much longer podcast than this one. I think this one I’m going to finish up in the next probably five minutes. I didn’t have a lot to say here. It was just literally what I said. I need to get a podcast done. I need to get it recorded. And you know what I think I will make this day one, I think this will be day one. I’ll do 30 days of podcasting. By the end of that, I would have learned a bucket load far more than I could ever learn from researching on YouTube. So yeah, this is day one day one. Let’s go. So what’s the takeaway of this? I think I’ll finish up now. The takeaway is give yourself permission to suck. Just like I did with this podcast. This obviously wasn’t the best podcast I’m ever going to do.

Andy (72.05">11:12):

You probably haven’t learned a hell of a lot. I probably haven’t hit you with some massive epiphany and maybe this will be the shittest podcast I ever do. It’s a bit amateurish. It’s a bit messy. I said almond are like a million times at the start. I was disorganized. It would take me probably 20 podcasts doing it like this before. I feel like I have my rhythm. Like I know what I’m doing. I have a structure for this. The audio quality is good. I know how far to sit away from the microphone and all that sort of stuff. So it’s going to be a little rough for a while. That’s part of like working on your goals. You’re going to suck us at the start. You’re supposed to suck us at the stuff. All the research, all the planning, all the theory, all the learning cannot save you from putting in the hard work and doing a terrible job at the start.

Andy (15.27">11:55):

You can’t save yourself embarrassment by learning you can’t outlearn or out-think the sucking at the start. You’re just supposed to suck. We’re supposed to suck and then you get better. That’s why we have amateur leagues in sports because we acknowledged that people suck at the start before they can make it in the professional leagues. Everything in life is kind of like that. You really just need to get your first, you know, whatever it is. First 20, let’s say you have to take 20 steps before you have, before you come proficient at something decent at something, you kinda just have to take those first 20 steps, get them done, get them onto your belt. You’ll naturally, then get better as a process of doing, rather than sitting around thinking like I am already better. At the end of this podcast, my voice has a better tone to it.

Andy (61.8">12:41):

I have a better rhythm. My brain is working better. I’m not stumbling. I’m not saying “um” and “ahh” and that’s just from 12 minutes and 49 seconds worth of talking. Now I sat around for several hours before this, trying to teach myself, how do I have a good rhythm? How do I have a good cadence? How do I do a decent job with this podcast? And that didn’t matter. I still sucked at the stop. I I’m way better now for just having done, rather than sitting around thinking, fuck thinking. Maybe that’s the takeaway of this podcast. Stop fucking thinking. Start fucking taking action. I’ll winded up there. Stay classy. Be good to your mother and your father. Stay out of trouble. Be good. Say guys.

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