Day 21: Last Minute Resistance & Girls who Have a Boyfriend

Andy and Immy answer a listener’s questions about sex, dating, and whether or not you should have sex with a girl who has a boyfriend.


  • Lots of these questions you’ll figure out yourself by talking to more girls and getting more experience.
  • “Last Minute Resistance” often just means you weren’t clear enough and upfront enough that you wanted to have sex.
  • If a girl is hesitant to have sex, just chill and back off a bit. Often she’ll warm up once she sees you’re not pushy.
  • Empathise with her – ask her what her concerns are and work through them.
  • Remember, if she’s half-naked in your bed, she wants to have sex with you. She’s just nervous/hesitant/worried/etc. It’s your job to help her have sex with you. You’re both working towards sex together.
  • Making girls want you mostly comes from making yourself more attractive. Hit the gym, lose some fat, dress better, get a new haircut, wear a nice watch/necklace/rings/etc.
  • Foreplay helps too – use my foreplay guide in the shownotes.
  • “Same day lays” – Tinder, or bars, or parties are the easiest.
  • Otherwise, try hitting on a girl in the morning. Grab a coffee with her, then hangout all day – spend the day together. Have a drink in the evening then invite her back to yours.
  • Or go out on a Friday and Sat night and hit on girls on the street – find one who’s willing to grab a drink with you and then afterwards, invite her back to yours.


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