Day 28: One of My Best Coaching Calls Ever

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Ever wondered what my coaching calls are like? Here’s a full, raw 2hr coaching call I had recently. We covered everything from the meaning of life to finding satisfaction in relationships, as well as how to be honest with the opposite sex. Oh, and a couple crazy stories about getting off over your own image in the mirror, ala American Psycho

Shownotes by Slickbackhair:
12:06 = Human beings vs human doings. What Andy believes makes a man attractive to women.

16:04 = The best time to get on Tinder to see girls at their most horniest. If you have problems seeing chicks sexually or yourself as a sexual person, this is definitely something you should listen to and try.

21:34 = If you feel mentally fucked upside down because of lockdown, here’s Andy’s #1 recommendation to start becoming social again. Good news, it’s FREE. Anyone can take advantage of this.

23:32 = The #1 answer to almost every problem you have. Seriously, any problem you have this one thing is literally the only reason Andy slept with over 100 chicks and I’ve made over $3.5 million in sales this year.

25:02 = How to use “nervousness/awkwardness/anxiety” to your advantage whenever meeting new chicks.

29:41 = For context, once I wrote a million dollar sales letter, I didn’t feel as satisfied as I thought I would. I was just like, “it’s another day in the life.” Here Andy shows me why that’s happening and gives me a different view into overall life satisfaction. If you’re crushing it in life but dissatisfied with yourself, the next 10 minutes is for you.

42:20 = Hate breaking a chick’s heart? Me too. That’s why I asked him. “How do you be honest with girls about the fact you only want casual relationships?” His answer is clear and simple. You won’t want to miss that.

46:00 = Continued… How to be honest once you’re out in the world.
Real examples from Andy in what it looks like in practice.

50:00 = One of the best games to play on the first date to make sure the rest of your relationship goes smoothly. [Or which could end up saving you LOADS OF HEADACHES by filtering out the wrong games.]

54:00 = “I’ve been in back to back to back long term relationships. Is that something you bring up to new chicks? Or do you not? Or does it even matter?” His answer here is easily my #1 nugget from this 2 hour convo.

60:00 = How honesty makes you standout in her mind compared to most other guys she’ll EVER meet.

67:00 = A sexual experience you can give to your girl right now that she’ll never forget.

For twenty minutes after this, Andy and I sound like fucking hyneas on LSD. If you want to laugh, enjoy how a piece of bread turns Andy into God. Honestly, this laugh alone was worth $200 for me.

88:00 = One question to ask yourself every morning to guarantee you’re living a FULL LIFE you’re satisfied with.


After the call, he posted on the Good Looking Loser forums:
“Had one of the best conversations of my life with Andy.
I highly recommend getting a coaching call with Killyourinnerloser. It gets your head right.
And there’s nothing like having an outside perspective – especially from someone not in close proximity to you – taking a close look at what your struggles/concerns are.”


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