Day 40: Weekly Accountability Check-ins

Struggling to keep yourself accountable with your goals? Do what Andy and Imogen do – use a weekly check-in to keep yourself on-task.

The questions Imogen and I ask each other every Sunday:

Questions to ask Andy:

  • Look at where I’m at with money/my site/coaching
  • What can Imogen do to help me on my mission?
  • Talk about what I’m going to do to make progress in the following week.
  • Talk about my future goal (eg pay all my bills from my coaching).
  • Talk about how we get closer to that goal.
  • Do I have a hopelessness and am I self sabotaging by thinking I can’t reach that goal?
  • Am I holding back and not going all in ( eg. Enquiry emails I haven’t replied to, client work I haven’t done, taking too long?)
  • Is there more I can do to go all in (marketing, posting on forums, writing next big content series rather than easy articles, etc).
  • When was the last time I posted article on reddit to share them? (Needs to be at least once a week).
  • What can I do to support Imogen this week with her goals?

Questions to ask Imogen:

  • Have I been nice to myself this week? Talk about the positive / negative self talk that has come up this week.
  • Have I practiced challenging my negative thoughts this week? 
  • How is my weight loss going? 
  • Is there a little change that I can make as the next step towards weight loss? Or am I making progress now? 
  • How did I feel about my art this week? 
  • What can I do next week to enjoy my art? 
  • What have been my successes this week? And for all of my goals what am I working towards next week? 


Interview with David:

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