How to Kill Your Inner Loser Show
How to Kill Your Inner Loser Show
Day 7: 365 Day Challenge

Andy commits to 365 days in a row of podcasts. Join me!

The Takeaway:
If I can do this, you sure as hell can too. Some ideas:

  • 1 approach a day (talk to one girl a day).
  • 1 piece of content a day (art, Youtube video, write something, record a song or piece of music, draw something, do a podcast).
  • Workout every single day (mix the workouts up so you don’t fatigue any one particular muscle group).
  • Email one celeb/influencer/famous YouTuber/Instagrammer a day and ask them if you can work for them or contribute a project for them.
  • Tell 1 person a day how grateful you are for them.
  • Email one person you respect or look up to every single day to thank them for their work, or ask them a question like “What’s one thing you wished you knew when you first started?” etc
  • Give 1 stranger a compliment every single day for a year.
  • Take 1 photo a day.
  • Do 1 volunteer community project a day.
  • Write 1 poem a day.
  • Anything else you’ve always wanted to get good at or practice; doing something for 365 days will absolutely make you an expert on that subject.

My 365 Photography Project:

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