Day 294: Approaching with a WINGMAN (Is it Cheating?)

Why playing on nightmare mode is retarded, & why taking a mate out with you to talk to girls can make all this a LOT easier (and a lot more FUN).

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Topics covered:

  • About 40 or so percent of my approaches were with a friend, just walking around talking to girls casually if we saw anyone we liked
  • People worry about it being a crutch
    • When you build an awesome sex life, or find a kickass girlfriend, do you really think you'll give a shit that you had to use some “crutches”?
    • I care about RESULTS, about you becoming the person you want to be. I don't give a shit how you get there (as long as you're not hurting anyone or hurting yourself, obviously)
    • Stop obsessing about the METHOD, & start obsessing about the GOAL or the END RESULT
  • Approaching with a friend or wingman makes this stuff 100 times easier.
  • It's more social – you feel a little less weird being by yourself walking around
  • You can push each other, especially if one of you is lacking motivation.
  • You can tell your friend beforehand what you need from him – eg I'd often say “Today can you make me talk to 5 girls” & my mates would make me do it.
  • When you're feeling the anxiety, the nervousness, you have your mate there to make you do it & talk you into it.
  • Fun things to do:
    • 10 min stopwatch, both gotta talk to a girl each
    • Can't talk til both talk to a girl
    • Both walk around,just have a chill day talking to each other, occasionally talk to girls
    • Take turns talking to girls – you talk to one, then your mate, then you again, then your mate, etc
    • Go out with a group of guys, & just go off talking to girls individually
    • You can also talk to girls TOGETHER (as in, 2 of you talk to a pair of girls).
    • You can point out girls you know the other person will like (over time you'll learn each other's “type”)
    • You can then hit on EACH OTHER's type (you hit on his type of girl, he hits on yours). That makes you a lot more open minded, hitting on girls you wouldn't normally talk to.
    • You can try each other's styles – it's likely you'll both have different styles of talking to girls, you'll probably say different things, etc. Do each other's styles.
    • One of my mates always walked up & just said “Hey, you single?” So I did that for a while.
    • I liked to walk up to girls & say “Hey!” with a HUGE smile on my face, & just grin at them for like 10 seconds until they started grinning back, then I'd say “What are you smiling at? Why are you so happy?” & they'd laugh. My mate did that for a while to try it.
    • Give each other challenges, like silly things to say to girls, etc.
    • Yes to some extent you want to remember that you're HITTING ON GIRLS not just saying silly things to make them laugh – but you can do BOTH. A bit of humour thrown in there makes this fun, it makes girls laugh, & reminds you this is all meant to be fun.
    • Just make sure you still ask for phone numbers & tell the girl she's cute/hot/attractive/sexy/pretty whatever you want to say. Make it clear you're HITTING ON HER, not just making her laugh.

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