Look What Happens When You Take Your Shot [Sex/Dating]

You absolutely don't need to be perfect when it comes to starting out with your goals – just do what this guy did and put some goddamn skin in the goddamn game.

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1 comment on “Look What Happens When You Take Your Shot [Sex/Dating]

  1. René Hansen says:

    This is elite advise, and also the biggest pitfalls of most guys (people in general) learning. It is incredible hard to be willing to suck at something for a short period off time for most people, myself included. For guys it is properly the worst thing to suck with women, which is why this is so incredible difficult and most fail in just doing the AA program. You really start out humbling yourself and then strengthen yourself doing that. And it is not even being willing to suck, it is being willing to prove to yourself and others that you suck at whatever you are doing. Because already do suck at it, you just go around pretending you don’t. If you would just be willing to admit it for a couple of months, then you would stop sucking very quickly at almost anything. A lot of it has to do with culture. Where I am from people often expect you to be able to do things you haven’t yet learned, and when you fail you are thrown out instead of encouraged to get back up and try again. Also, people are very easily embarrassed, creating this toxic dynamic where most people don’t dare try to do anything new.

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